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Top 123movies alternatives to Watch Movies Online Free in 2019

Posted 2019/06/1310390 is the best alternative to 123movies or 123movieshub websites. Here is the detailed reason on why 123moviest is the best alternative to 123movies websites :

You might have come across tons of articles suggesting various alternatives to 123movies website, while none of them explains how these alternatives work or how they compare to the original 123movies website.

The best part about the original 123movies was its simple UI and the direct link to the video source. I have seen so many websites now with same color and domain but none of these is easy to navigate and understand. You will have to wade through disturbing display ads and bombarding pop up ads to get to the video file, once you do get past these ads you are surprised by a sign up window which won’t let you play the video unless you sign up and follow the process again. Stop wasting time on these websites, give a chance and watch movies and watch series like before again. has a simple UI and you will not need to sign up or will not have to pass through annoying ads to get to the video source. You will land on the video file of the movie or tv series you are looking for instantly. Process is very simple, type the movie or tv show name in the search bar and click on the suggested link to land on the movie or tv show page.

Search Movie or TV Show in the search bar below :

123movies alternative

Click on the search result :

Visit the page and play the video(How simple is that!) :

A simple website to stream movies or tv shows is what everyone is looking for, 123movies used to be that website but since 123movies has been closed, no websites comes as close as

Features making the perfect alternative :

  • features latest released movies and tv show episodes on top of the home page. It also suggests you movies based on your liking and watch history(binge watching is made easy).
  • If you like to create an account for more features, you can do so in a few clicks. Creating an account will give you features to customize your whole experience on the website, you can add movies or tv shows to watch later or like what you watch and vote for them as well.
  • will never ask for a credit card white creating an account on the website.
  • You will be able to rate and review the movies or tv shows you watch just like you used to do on 123movies. You can share your opinion and comment on the movie or tv series you like and help others decide what to watch and what not to. You can also report any broken link of video file.
  • You can also request for a movie or a tv series if not already present on the website, just like 123movies. You can expect the movie or tv series to be online within 24 hours. This is subject to availability of a video source available anywhere online.
  • Another feature has in common with 123movies is the ability to share videos on any social platform, you can simply press the share button in the bottom of the video player to share the video you like on your social media feed, letting others watch the movie or tv show with you.
  • websites also has some added features and benefits over the old 123movies website, it sends you browser notifications when a new movie or a series episode is available. This feature is very handy when you don’t like to miss a tv show or a new movie.
  • Stop wasting your data and bandwidth on garbage movie sites and start using the only alternative to 123movies that actually works. You also run into the risk of slowing down your mobile, laptop or computer.
  • is accessible on any VPN or TOR network. Our priority is safety first so we will never allow any malware or malicious ads to run on our website.

Enjoy movies and tv shows.


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